Barrel Brothers Brewing Company is a production brewery located in the Town of Windsor, in beautiful Sonoma County, CA. Founded by brothers-in-law, Wesley Deal and Daniel Weber, and their father-in-law, Tom Sather in 2015, Barrel Brothers Brewing Company is built on the simple principle that if you make good beer, and make people happy in the process, the rest will figure itself out. We are a company inspired by the talented and innovative brewers who forged the path for Sonoma County to be known as one of the country’s epicenters of world class, style defining beers.


A brief history:

Wesley Deal and Daniel Weber began their brewing days the same way many of our friends in the craft brewing industry have – by brewing beer in 5 gallon batches at home. It started with an invitation from the guys’ father-in-law and fellow Co-Founder, Tom Sather, to attend a brewing seminar at a local beverage supply shop. The idea of getting together to drink some beers, and make some beer, and drink a couple more beers, seemed agreeable enough for an otherwise uneventful weekend day. So, after their “graduation” from beer school, the guys packed up their brewing gear and headed for Tom’s house where they put their newly absorbed knowledge to use, and to drink some beers (did we mention that?). Water, grain, hops and yeast – four simple ingredients with infinite combinations and possibilities – had made their impression on the guys. They considered themselves akin to alchemists. It was a magical, transcendent, spiritual, mystical experience. Maybe that was the beer talking... When bottling day arrived and it came time to split five gallons between the three of them, one thing became abundantly clear and they all exclaimed in unison, “We’re going to need to make more beer!”...

Fast forward five years, hundreds of recipes, thousands of dollars in equipment upgrades and an ever growing fan base of willing “taste testers” later...