Craft Beer & Cannabis Experience

The craft beer and cannabis experience takes you through local breweries, and lets you explore the newly legal cannabis industry

Starting in San Francisco, we'll take a drive across the Golden Gate Bridge. We'll stop at Vista Point for photos with the bridge, and enjoy a complimentary breakfast beer on the way to Sonoma County.

Craft Beer

Visit breweries in the microbrew capital of the United States. You’ll get to taste and purchase beer, and learn about the brewing process.


Walk through an indoor cannabis grow site, or an extraction lab where you'll be able to take pictures and see plants up close and personal. Learn the similarities between brewing beer and producing cannabis products indoors.*

This tour also includes a visit to a dispensary where you’ll learn about the wide variety of cannabis products, browse and purchase items.

*Grow site visits subject to change depending on time of year, and local regulations.

All tours include a drink for the ride up, tasting fees, lunch, and transportation to and from Sonoma County.