SF Tour Guide Guild Association


Ever wonder how tour guides are so knowledgeable about surrounding areas and industries? They take tours too! We recently had the privilege of having the San Francisco Tour Guide Guild, an association of tour guides and companies from all over the bay area, join us for our Beer and Cannabis Experience. The group of 38 was a lot of fun and very curious about the budding canna-tourism industry.

Starting with CannaCraft, there is no better way to give people a true peek behind the legal cannabis curtain. During our hour walk through, the group got to learn about the extraction process, how edibles are coated, and the three different products CannaCraft offers - AbsoluteXtracts, Satori Chocolates, and Care By Design. One guests quickly realized it was nothing like they thought it would be... “It was great. I quickly realized I didn't know much about this industry, nor did I know much about the new products being created nowadays. I also realized it's not the hippie-dippie sort of world around marijuana anymore.”

Next stop for the Guild was Solful Dispensary, another awesome cannabis business. It’s a great format for our guests where they get to meet with representatives beforehand to get comfortable with different products and delivery methods. Questions carried past the presentation to the retail floor, where our group couldn’t get enough.


To put the final touches on the day we stopped in at 101 North Brewing Co. for our customary tastings and tour. A great way to end a day full of new information - drink some great beer and reflect on what you just saw, and where this new industry is going….

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Jared Giammona