Engineers and Cannabis

February and March have given us so much rain that some of us in the Bay Area forgot what sunshine is like! Not that we’re complaining, rain is definitely something we need. But on Friday March 15th, we couldn’t have asked for a better day, especially since we were hosting the engineering department from Eaze.


Eaze is a cannabis delivery service based in San Francisco that has been around since 2014. With them being a cannabis company, there was a lot of chemistry from the beginning!

One thing we love doing is showing people the process behind the industry, all while giving guests a new way to visit wine country. This was the perfect group because out of 12 people, none had been to a cannabis manufacturing facility. Luckily we have a partner that sets the bar….CannaCraft. Home to the largest cannabis manufacturing lab in the state, is there a better way to take a peek behind the legal curtain?


Getting an exclusive look at the cannabis extraction process can be overwhelming, not for this group though. They were full of questions, whether it was about CannaCrafts edibles line, Satori, vape line, AbsoluteXtracts, CBD line, Care By Design, or their new collaboration with lagunitas, Hi-Fi Hops.

This place truly is the Willy Wonka of the cannabis world.

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Jared Giammona