The 7 Best Strains to Grow Outdoors For Beginners Review



Cultivation overall involves chain decisions- the right nutrients, place of yield, suitable temperature, and much more. In the case of marijuana, if you have been planning to grow your stock in the backyard, numerous choices of strains would be confusing. Ask yourself a few questions before picking strains. What kind of high do you need from the product?  Are you looking for an effortless and tolerant strain to breed?   


For beginners, there are some best strains easy to grow outdoors and will also give you a good yield. Also, outdoor growing can produce good outcomes as the plants get sufficient natural sunlight. Let’s look at some best strains for beginners, as per 2019 expert grower reviews. 

 White Widow

It is a Northern European strain ideal for outdoor growing. It is also great for beginners as it can yield productive output even in less favorable conditions. There are times when outdoor weather gets harsh for the healthy growth of the plant. White widow saves that effort, as its frosty look works as a protective layer against insects, fungi, and extreme sunlight, and harsh winds. The plant has a thick outside layer of resin that builds this natural cover. As for feeding, supply sufficient healthy nitrogen for productive results. It can grow 2m tall in outdoors and yields up to 450 to 500g per plant. 

Durban Poison

The marijuana strain, derived in South Africa, is Sativa dominant and apt for outdoor growing. People highly use it for the elevated effects it can produce and help boost creativity. In favorable weather, the Durban Poison can grow throughout the year. The strain can grow tall outdoors and emits the aroma of spice and sweetness. Experienced growers claim that the strain takes up to 8-10 weeks to grow, and yields an approximate of 13 ounces per square meter. Find a reliable source to purchase the strain, or you can also mail order marijuana from an e-commerce seller having a legitimate license.

 Special Queen 1

Special Queen 1 is a balance of indica/Sativa hybrid that is likable and allows beginners to achieve good results for their start. It is appropriate for outdoor growing and in diverse settings. The Queen exhibits great strength and can sometimes surpass its limit in favorable conditions. Its outdoor height can exceed up to 220-270 cm at times under good climate and nutrients. It is not difficult to pick the strain as it can guarantee yields of up to 550g per plant. If you are new to the industry, you need not have to look any further. Special Queen 1 is the most reliable and stable strain among all.  



Super Silver Haze

With the quality of White Widow’s outdoor roughness and natural growing, the Super Silver Haze is the right one for outdoor growing in a hot climate. The strain is Sativa dominant. Once you sow the seeds of the strain, you will require little effort after that. It will extend its roots soon, producing supreme quality harvest even during the warmest time. Also, with a yield of 500g per plant, Super Silver Haze is the best for new growers. The strain creates aromatic buds, with some being spicy and others of skunky odor and with 18% THC content works as a good body relaxant. If you are looking for a strain that can lift your spirits, this is the one. Only make sure you allow sufficient space for each plant to produce large yields.

Royal Domina

It is an indica dominant strain with a cross of Black Domina and exotic Kalijah. The Royal Domina has a tempting fragrance and has a short growth even in the outdoors. It can grow up to a height of 140 – 180 cm and produce harvest up to 600g per plant. A good time for harvesting is September to October with suitable climatic conditions for potential growth. It has a high THC content of 20% making it a good body relaxant and intrigues your tongue. It includes certain features of Northern Lights and Hash Plant and takes 7-8 weeks to flourish. Those looking for commercializing on the output, Royal Domina strains are best suited. The easy growing and stable marijuana strain can emit earthy, woody, and spicy or herbal aroma depending on the different varieties.




Beginners love to start with something having its capacity to fight off pests and fungi. LSD is the right choice with a natural resistance quality requiring less maintenance and the ability to flower during the hottest days. Although for maximum output, it requires a shelter outdoors. Even with the shelters grow it in an area where it can receive ample sunlight. Leave the rest to nature.

The strain normally takes 9-10 weeks to flower. It offers a vibrant experience to the user with a feeling of elevation in both body and mind. The positive thing is it comes under the category of budget buds, making it an affordable variety for the novice growers.



It is another strain with the resistance ability to withstand plant harming elements like diseases, pests, or molds. LowFyer is a mix of Mexican Ruderalis and Female Indica and suitable for both outdoor as well as indoor settings. It has a petite growth and hence does not require much space. It is also durable and reliable as it starts to flourish within 3 weeks of sowing. Its span of vegetation is less as you will notice only a few bunches of leaves before the growth. It is the perfect choice of marijuana strain for beginners wanting to achieve speedy and good produce.       


Growing marijuana in an outdoor setup can be a worthwhile experience, provided you pick the right strain. Selecting the best canada marijuana seeds according to the climate can be put to good use. We can assemble tons of other best strains apart from these to give you an array of choices. It is an overwhelming experience to decide on the first strain for cultivation. Whether you wish to start a business or use it for medicinal purposes, make sure you have a productive choice for your opening produce.

Jared Giammona