To Smoke or Not to Smoke on the Bus?


We know -- when joining a wine and weed tour, or a craft beer and cannabis tour, people want to drink, smoke, vape, eat their edibles and more throughout the day and on their bus or van. We hear you! But did you know that the legalities are changing around this on almost a weekly basis? It can be hard to keep up.

Bill 625 is a perfect example of this. Bill 625 is currently in Senate and is aiming to prohibit guests from consuming cannabis flower or vape pens inside a party bus or limousine. It actually was first submitted to allow for cannabis flower smoking and vaping on buses and limos, but was since amended to prohibit consumption at all, which shows how quickly and drastically things can change in this industry. Who knew that this would do a total 180? It also has become a blanket statement in banning “consumption” as a whole, not just smoking.


The fact here is that even with a partition between the driver compartment and guests, smoke can seep through allowing second hand smoke to reach the driver. There’s also the argument that guests on board could be pregnant and it’d be an unhealthy environment. We don’t want high drivers, we don’t want pregnant women exposed to smoke, but we do want guests to enjoy their cannabis as they do their alcohol. 

Jared Giammona