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Founded by Peter and Diana Merriam in 2000

Merriam Vineyards wines are inspired by traditional French styles of farming and winemaking. Our commitment to delivering vineyard-designated wines allows us the opportunity to create unique wines that will live up to their old world inspiration. Much of this dedication is evident in the fields and on the vines, where a commitment to sustainable farming practices and environmental stewardship thrives in the form of water reclamation and composting systems for both grape growing and winemaking. Our award winning wines, inspired by Bordeaux and Burgundy styles, serve as a testament to our inspiration and ideals as grower and winemaker.

With our current lineup of 17 wines using 10 different varietals, we have something for everyone! We encourage you to find the ones you love.

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A brief history:

When Peter and Diana Merriam wed in 1982, they honeymooned among the vineyards of France. The trip ignited a passion for wine, and in 1988 the New England natives bought a wine shop near Boston. They frequently traveled to France on business and to immerse themselves in the country’s culture of food and wine. Eager to start a winery and promote that culture at home, the couple began searching for vineyard property in 1995. They understood that quality grapes are required to produce fine wine and hoped to buy and established vineyard boasting pedigreed fruit.  In 2000, the couple purchased the Windacre Vineyard in Healdsburg which had originally been planted to wine grapes in 1890. Located in the warmest corner of the Russian River Valley appellation., the vineyard was replanted in 2003 with Bordeaux varietals.