5 Ways Technology is Transforming the Cannabis Industry



The cannabis industry can be considered the fastest growing sector in the economy today. Cannabis uses vary and are of different purposes, which have contributed significantly to its popularity. Ranging from its purchase as a seed, to its development as a plant till harvesting, we have seen the introduction of technology in all these processes. Technology has been proven to aid in improving yields, enhancing growth mechanisms, and providing relief, especially in controlling plant diseases, among others. Similarly, technology is having its impacts felt in the cannabis world. To learn more, here is how technology is transforming the industry. 

1. Cannabis Online Selling

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Today, if you need quality cannabis seeds, all you have to do is log into best online dispensary Canada. You can also get seeds in seed banks and other online selling platforms within a short period. If suffering from specific health issues such as inflammation, are stressed up and require something to help you relax, then, you should cannabis terpenes online. Both cannabis retailers and those doing farming now have access to the point of sale systems. Besides, seeds are easily accessible, and now, they can make sales by using cloud-enabled systems such as Shopify.

 The platform offers you access to weed online as a point of sale; it is a single stop for all weed users. 

The platform offers the necessary information to retailers in regards to customer behavior. What they are using most at what time and in some cases, receive reviews on the product as well. It makes it easier to direct the growers on what to produce, what not to do, and what does well when in the market. 

2. Biosynthesis 



Cannabis plants, leaves, budget buds, and other plant sections are used to produce cannabinoids. Biosynthesis is the process in which the cannabinoids are extracted. The techniques used to get these oils are mostly traditional. Traditional methods are affected by weather changes, which in some cases limit the production of THC or CBD. Biosynthesis is said to utilize yeast cells to extract the same amount of CBD and THC. The method is flawless and is continuous. It means that demand for CBD and THC can be satisfied through an all-year cannabinoid extraction process. Go for CBDOmetry to read more about CBD.With it, you can increase your production quantities; contact other selling platforms offering the right amounts of cannabis you need. 

3. Cannabis Effect Quantifier

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When it comes to alcohol, there is an amount that results in drunken driving if coming across a police patrol car. It is because alcohol impairment can be easily quantified by testing for the blood alcohol content in your body. However, weed effects and the amount of THC present in the blood can last for a long time even days. It makes it challenging for the police or any other authority figure to quantify the amount of weed taken. Therefore, regulating its use becomes a bit more complicated compared to other legalized drugs. With the availability of a cannabis breathalyzer, similar to the alcohol blow, then technology will again be offering another means to end. 

4. LED Lights

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The LED lighting provides cheaper, more reliable services in the place of HPS or the high-pressure sodium light bulbs. The HPS bulbs are quite expensive.  Not only do they consume a lot of electricity and have a short lifespan, but they also require a cooling system as they produce a lot of heat dangerous for your plants. Besides, a prediction is carried out to determine the amount the crops will yield. Using LEDs saves you from installing a cooling system. LEDs might be costly, especially when starting; however, they will deliver and save on costs in the long run.

5.  Electricity Storage 



It is an energy-based technological innovation aimed at assisting farmers in preserving electricity. It emerged from the fact that the growth of cannabis is power intensive. It costs a lot for farmers to produce the product with the number of profits gained declining with electricity use. Besides, using HPS, cooling systems, and other climate control technological equipment also affects the amount of electricity used. 

The electricity storage factor is a technology that is designed to store or save on electricity. The stored energy is for use whenever there are extended blackouts. The primary significance of this specific technology is the fact that you and use power throughout the day and night, i.e., the stored energy can be used during the peak hours when electricity use is intensive in many farms saving you the hassle experienced.  


Technology is making an impact on every industry. The cannabis industry is growing and offers benefits that cut across all industries, especially health. Therefore, the introduction of more technological inventions in the industry translates to better health for all. It is a development that we should all be in support of even though the product is not yet legal in many countries in the world and some states in the US. Medical uses of top indica seeds and strains, especially in hypnotic treatments, make technology advancement in the sector unavoidable.

Jared Giammona