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    AUGUST 17, 2023


    On Monday September 30th, the Sonoma County Board of Supervisors made a huge statement by allowing the first cannabis cultivation permit in the area.


    The 4-1 vote to allow about one acre of cultivation at Petaluma Hills Farm was a breakthrough for the cannabis community. In a county that is perfectly situated to be the epicenter of the cannabis industry, it has been met with loud cries of opposition over the last couple of years.


    Neighborhood groups have been formed to oppose this industry – showing up at county meetings wearing red and hanging signs along the streets to protest commercial cannabis grows. These groups are not against cannabis, yet, don’t want it in their neighborhoods. While change is difficult, especially when it comes to something like marijuana in the backyards of people in Sonoma County, cannabis businesses are indeed being mindful and respectful of the neighborhoods, communities, and lives of those around them.


    With the legalization of cannabis, it was expected that there would be hurdles as there would be with any new industry. Let’s face it, after prohibition things weren’t perfect, in fact they were far from it. People lined the streets of Sonoma to prevent the sale of alcohol. Imagine if there was no wine in Sonoma today? The cannabis industry is looking to fairly and thoughtfully open its doors within the legal limits, and change the perception from the black market mystery to an open and welcoming world where people can be more educated and informed.


    We at The Sonoma County Experience believe in this more than anyone. Education and exposure to experiences with cannabis is a part of our goal to help remove the stigma it still has today.


    We’re excited about this win, and hope to see more small triumphs for cannabis in Sonoma County. Sonoma Hills Farm, the cannabis farm that was awarded the cultivation permit, said it best. “If not here, where. If not now, when?”